El Sueño

Founder and owner with his wife of the elegant cigar brand El-Sueño since 2005, Mirko Giotto is an aesthete from the world of watchmaking.
His passion for cigars comes from his father and grandfather, both of whom were already involved in tobacco growing.

In 2016, Mirko Giotto won the title of world cigar champion in Split (CSWC = Cigar Smoking World Championship).
This title made him famous worldwide.
In collaboration with his wife, Claudia Giotto, they continue to grow and develop their cigar brand to satisfy a demanding clientele.

Passionnés par la création de leurs lignes de cigares, Mirko & Claudia Giotto réussissent, à chaque fois à élaborer de nouveaux modules à leur image image: élégants et aux goûts élaborés, subtils, raffinés et équilibrés.

All cigars are made in Santo Domingo and all tobacco leaves are from Santo Domingo, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Brazil.


Founder and owner of the high-end accessories brand El-Sueño Accessories since 2020, Claudia Giotto is also an aesthete from the luxury, financial and multinationals fields.

Founder and owner with her husband, she created the line of cigars for women ".G" to offer women their own modules, with more feminine rings. (This line currently contains 2 modules, a third one will be created).

With El Sueño Accessories, she wants to embellish women and men even more, adorning them with beautiful pieces, such as scarves, men's pockets squares etc.

All these accessories are already on sale on their shop on line, click on the heading "El Sueño Accessories" of the website.

Our range of products

15th Aniversary El Sueño

Classic line Claro

Classic line Maduro

Grand Reserva

.G Line

Larmes de cigares




Some feedback from our enthusiasts!

« 5.60 what a delight »

« A treat, an appetizer and a taste that stays in the mouth »


« Beyond the dream,

The passion »


Mirko Giotto

Founder and owner of El Sueño Cigars

Mirko is the craftsman of the quality of cigars
El Sueño
Great esthete, he takes care of the image and the notoriety of the products

Mobile : +41 76 582 36 36

Email : mgiotto@el-sueno.net

Claudia Giotto

Project Development Manager El Sueño Cigars & Founder of El Sueño Accessories

Claudia loves to offer everyone the pleasure of smoking harmonious vitolas by creating them entirely with her husband.

 By the creation of El Sueño Accessories, she wishes to bring an extra touch of elegance to cigars, "embellishing" them with luxurious accessories.

Mobile : +41 79 671 74 65

Email : cgiotto@el-sueno.net

Stefano Aprile

Brand Ambassador for El Sueño Cigars

Stefano is above all an aficionados since
many years.

He joined Mirko in the creation of the range
Grand Réserve and have continued since the adventure ...
Until the end of the dream!

Mobile : +41 76 302 33 33

Email : info@fumoir.biz

François Güntensperger

Brand Ambassador for El Sueño Cigars

François is a passionate epicurean.

He joined El Sueño in early 2022 and
mainly deals with Swiss German

Mobile : +41 79 885 47 71

Email : fguntensperger@el-sueno.net

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